Jousts: Sylvio Cuciniello opens the festivities in the Royal Frame of Sète

Jousts: Sylvio Cuciniello opens the festivities in the Royal Frame of Sète

Le membre de la Société des Jouteurs Frontignanais a décroché sa treizième victoire en lourds. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

The Frontignanais won the Amicale des Jouteurs Pointe-Courte tournament this Sunday, June 23. He notably defeated Maxime Molto in the final. The season is off to a good start in Sète.

A week after the inaugural tournament organized in the waters of Agathois, the Amicale des Jouteurs Pointe-Courte therefore had the honor of opening the ball on the Singular Island.

Seventy jousters entered the arena and, at the end, only one was still standing. Wet, but standing upright. Sylvio Cuciniello will not have sailed on a calm river to rise to victory, but every salary deserves work…

Two nice shots from Chazal

Ten men left the playoffs and Mickaël Wolff sent a serious warning to begin the rematches. The Mézois, reigning champion, made Thibaut Lognos' bulwark fly and the public appreciated it. In a duel of generations, Fabien Chazal then demonstrated his authority against Valentin Fabre by sending the young Sétois into the water with the first stroke of the spear. The old ones are still there!

Jousts: Sylvio Cuciniello opens the festivities in the Royal Frame of Sète

The two men threw themselves into battle in the final. FREE NOON – Jérôme Belluire

After a fight won by Merry Mateo against Jérôme Noto, who lost his lance on the second pass, Sylvio Cuciniello went into the water but the pass was considered void by the jury. Once dried, the Frontignanais returned to resume the fight against Théo Lognos, who planted his spear between his two retainers. New jury decision.

A 100% League final

For his part, Maxime Molto had no trouble getting rid of Fabrice Sabatier, and Fabien Chazal created a sensation by pushing Mickaël Wolff to make a mistake on the first pass.

In the semi-final, the cold water of the canal had visibly boosted Sylvio Cuciniello, who won without trembling against Merry Mateo. He was then joined by Maxime Molto, also winner without discussion of Fabien Chazal, in the final.

One last 100% fight "League office" which saw the two jousters engaging until the bulwarks touched. Both fell, but the last to hit the water was Sylvio Cuciniello.

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