Judo: Biterroise Émilie Saes-Laplanche will live her Olympic dream this summer

Judo: Biterroise Émilie Saes-Laplanche will live her Olympic dream this summer

Emilie Saes-Laplanche déjà tournée vers les Jeux olympiques. Midi Libre – D.R.

Émilie Saes-Laplanche, originally from Béziers, has been a sports commissioner for around twenty years. This summer, she will have an extraordinary experience since she has just been selected to officiate at the Paris Olympic Games. The only one in Occitania.

This summer, Émilie Saes-Laplanche will be in the front row to experience the exploits of the Riner gang. Not in the stands. Not on the judo tatamis either… but just a few meters from the combat area. La Biterroise has just been selected to officiate at the Paris Olympic Games as sports commissioner, the only one to have this honor in Occitanie.

Beginnings in Béziers

Since her beginnings at the Central judo club in Béziers, Émilie Saes-Laplanche n’has never left the tatamis. The little Lignanaise, in fact, started judo with Mario Autié until earning her black belt. At the same time, she learned about arbitration. But he likes being in the center of the tatami less than being behind the table as a sports commissioner. "It must be said what is: I was not an exceptional competitor but I was always there, remembers -she with amusement.Rather than waiting for it to happen on the edge of the tatami, I started refereeing in 2006 in Béziers. I successively passed all the levels of sports commissioner: departmental, regional and finally national in 2012. That same year, I experienced my first French championship in Montpellier as an official. ;quot;.

A family of judokas

This passion for judo will never leave her. Today, at 34 years old and mother of a 3-year-old daughter, the young woman, who now lives in the Pyrénées-Orientales, is a judo teacher in Saint-Estève in addition to her job as a & nbsp;financial advisor in a bank. In the family, judo is obvious since her husband is also a teacher and referee.

Sher skills have propelled her onto the international scene… and towards the Games. "For me, it’s first of all a relief which proves that work and investment pay off", she rejoices. Because before getting there, the road was long: "It’s a big personal investment over several years. Competitions in the four corners of France, repeated evaluations and skills that are refined with time and experience".

This season, she was notably at the European championships last November in Montpellier, at the Paris Grand Slam in February, and at the French cadet championships at the end of March. A recognized expertise since Emilie is now part of the French elite group which includes the twenty "best" sports commissioners.

"If someone had told me that I would do the Games…"

Paris 2024 will therefore be the apotheosis… and the great unknown. "Beyond the excitement and joy of being there, I don't know much. For the moment, I don't have much information regarding the organization of the Olympic Games but I already know that I have to be in Paris from July 24 and until August 5. During this period, I officiate in the individual and team competition". This will be the culmination of a whole journey as a sports commissioner that began in the 2000s. "If I had been told when I started that I would do the Games, I could never believe it! This is truly the highest I can reach! I couldn't go beyond that", she says with a big smile.

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