Juice WRLD recorded 2.000 titles before his death

Juice WRLD a enregistré 2.000 titres avant sa mort

Death of Juice WRLD : 2000 songs of the rapper in stock

Juice WRLD died accidentally at the age of 21 years : he succumbed to a drug overdose caused by a mixture of oxycodone and codéïne. Before his death, the rapper recorded the 2,000 titles that could well see the light of day, one by one, or on several albums posthumous.

The music world is constantly losing its talent. There has been a Lil Peep, Mac Miller, Avicii, XXXTentacion, Nepal, DJ Arafat, Nipsey Hussle, Lexii Alijai, whose cause of death is come to be disclosed, or Juice WRLD, who died from an overdose of opiates. The addiction of Jarad Anthony Higgins, his real name was no secret to her loved ones. “Jarad has struggled with addiction to prescription drugs. Addiction knows no boundaries, “said his mother, Carmella Wallace to TMZ.

2.000 pieces of Juice WRLD ever released ?

The family of Juice WRLD has also announced that an album posthumous is in preparation : “from The depths of our hearts, we want to thank each of you for the unfailing admiration and the love which you demonstrate to her respect. The fact that you listen to his music, watch his videos, or share what you have lived with him represents so much to him. It is you who keep his memory alive for eternity. We plan to honor the talents of Juice, his spirit and the love he felt for his fans, sharing new music and other projects on which he worked passionately.

Speaking of unreleased tracks, the interpreter of Lucid Dreams would have recorded 2,000 songs prior to his death, according to information from TMZ. The sounds have not had the time to go out, but they might well see the light of day on several albums, posthumous. 26 songs of Juice WRLD have been leaked on the web last week, but were quickly removed.

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