Juju Fitcats launches the challenge Bim Bam Boom on TikTok and the buzz is all about

Juju Fitcats lance le challenge Bim Bam Boum sur TikTok et fait le buzz

TikTok : Jujufitcats launches the challenge #bimbamboum with the song of Carla

You do not know Bim Bam to you that Carla has sung in the Eurovision Junior 2019 ? Well thanks to Juju Fitcats, you will remember this song. On his account, TikTok, the girlfriend of Tibo InShape has sung in playback on the title while dancing a choreography. Users off so much that they all trying to do the same with the hashtag #bimbamboum.

Juju Fitcats leaps in dance

After the look-alike of Ariana Grande, which was really impressive and has created a buzz on TikTok to the point that even the singer has reacted, it is the turn of a YouTubeuse French to talk about on the social network. Who ? Juju Fitcats, the darling of Tibo InShape. “We care as we can until the plane takes off” she explained in the caption of a video in which not to get bored, the star of the net dance a choreography on the title Bim Bam you Carla, who had finished in 5th place in the ranking of the Eurovision Junior 2019 a few weeks ago.

The rhythm is hyper catchy with simple words to remember : “It is bim, bam, boom / it’s been a pshit, and that makes zoom in / It’s been bim, bam, boom / In my head, there is everything that rotates / It is shht, and then blabla / It is as if, like that / It makes bim, bam, hahaha”. Juju Fitcats has imaged the chorus of the song by mimicking the gestures corresponding to the onomatopoeic sounds of Bim Bam You. The video was so pleased that she has received more than 200,000 likes.

The challenge #bimbamboum is born

With its more than 1.1 million subscribers on TikTok, the one who had responded to the criticism following his photo topless has managed to create a real buzz. To the point that people have been many to follow his hashtag #bimbamboum trying to do the same. This is how the new challenge, on trend the application is born ! Boys, girls, young and even less young people have therefore also performed the choreography while doing the playback on the voice of Carla. And the result is very funny.

Already on the 25th of November 2019, a video showing multiple users to TikTok echoing the song of the frenchy had been published. But since the version of Juju Fitcats with choreography in addition, the song became viral and many people are trying to address the challenge.

The challenge Bim Bam Boum (inspired by the title Bim Bam You Carla) cased on TikTok

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