Jujubes contaminated with drugs circulate

Drug-contaminated jujubes are circulating in the Asbestos area.

The Public Health Department of Estrie issued a call for vigilance regarding these “candies” with the appearance of gummy bear. These candies could also take other appearances.

A case of possible intoxication to the substance contained in these jujubes has been reported in recent days to the authorities. According to a letter sent to parents of the School Board Summits Wednesday, a case of intoxication to these treats has been reported in recent days to the authorities.

Public Health invites parents to discuss the situation with their children. The authorities also ask the school and community sectors to pay particular attention to this type of consumption in different environments.

School and community stakeholders are also encouraged to pay attention to an increase in jujube consumption among youth and to inform them that some may have been contaminated. They are reminded to contact Info-santé if they are in the presence of a young person who has eaten these sweets and has unusual symptoms.

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