Jul announces a double album : “I’m going to warm you up this winter”

Jul annonce un double album : "Je vais vous réchauffer cet hiver"

Jul announces a double album : “I’m going to warm you up this winter”

If you were looking forward to Christmas, the announcement of Jul will give you want to be on December 25 and open your gifts ! Finally, especially if you’re a fan. The rapper from marseille has announced on Tuesday 22 October 2019 the output of a double-album in December !

Jul never stops ! Only 5 months after “Inspi elsewhere”, the rapper from marseille unveiled his new solo album entitled “The box in person” last December 7. On 14 June, he recorded his new album “RIEN100RIEN”, whose reissue will be unveiled this Thursday. While fans have come to expect, logically, his next album (the 19th of his career) in the end of the year, it turns out that the calculations are good (Kevin) !

“The truth, I’m proud of myself”

On Tuesday 22 October 2019, the rapper has announced not one, but two disks ! “The double album is ready for December ! it has kik√© the grand-father in and level mood even not me you talk about… I’ll keep you warm this winter, without the guy I think you are not ready there the truth I’m proud of me I don’t know how I’m doing…”, he wrote everything in humility, and in his own way, that is to say, with spelling mistakes. A beautiful Christmas gift for his fans !

We reserve there for this one ? If he’s going to have to wait a little before you know it, one thing is for sure : this project will undoubtedly be a new success for the rapper, but will match-t-he one of his double album “The area in Person”, double platinum ?

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