Jul becomes the greatest seller in the history of French rap

Jul devient le plus grand vendeur de l'histoire du rap fran├žais

Jul become the biggest seller of French rap

It is now the number 1 of French rap. Jul would have exceeded MC Solaar to become the largest seller of albums in the middle of the French rap. It outperforms IAM, GIMS, Booba, or NLP. A great achievement knowing that he self-produced his records and that he came from nothing.

Jul is the French rapper who sells the most

At the end of December 2019, Jul happened to number 2 in the ranking of the rappers who sold the most albums in the History of rap, just behind MC Solaar. What was already a beautiful success, knowing that he started his career with the general public only in 2013. But with the release in December of his album This is not LOL, the rapper Marseille hoisting now in first place with more than 3.2 million discs sold since its inception.

After the site of a Critical Sense, GIMS, IAM, Booba, Soprano, are under the 3 million mark (they have sold over 2 million albums), and Rohff, NLP, Sexion Assault or even Nekfeu are still below (they have sold over 1 million opus). Jul has managed to beat all these big names of the French rap.

It is necessary to say that the rapper from marseille is the one who has obtained the largest number of albums certified. Jul has, therefore, become the biggest seller in the History of rap !

He has released 3 albums alone in 2019

That is part of the artists most listened to on Spotify in 2019 has managed this feat because he is hardworking and very prolific. Nothing that in 2019, Jul has released no less than 3 albums : Nothing 100 Nothing, The album Free Vol. 5, and therefore It is not LOL, which entered at number one on the Top. A total of 88 unreleased tracks on a single year, so, that justifies even a bit more his nickname “the Machine”.

And if this first place has a good taste of victory for the interpreter to Wesh then, Tchikita or even My lovely, it is also because he came from nothing. Without contact in the middle of the music, he has managed to make a name for himself in the rap game while remaining independent. It is not signed in a record label, he chose to start with gold and platinum, his own label.

In this regard, the star was entrusted to the Parisian : “When I started music, I had no hope of piercing. I didn’t know anyone. Everything that has happened, is built through hard work, mine, that of my family, my team and the team Jul”.

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