Jul record and became the 2nd biggest seller of the rap behind MC Solaar

Jul bat des records et devient le 2ème plus gros vendeur du rap derrière MC Solaar

Jul has over 3 million sales in 5 years of career

But where is he to stop Jul ? Since 2014, the rapper from Marseille, Julien Husband of his real name, went on to titles, albums, and success. What to do turn the head of her fans and throwing them into a panic the meters : it has just become the 2nd biggest seller in the world of rap behind MC Solaar and has today more than 3 million sales.

In five years of career, Jul has not stopped (or almost). In fact, since he started in music with “In my paranoia”, the artist has released no less than 12 albums, including two just by 2019. His last opus in the date entitled “This is not LOL” allows him to enter a little more in the History of music.

Jul beats sales records

Released on the 6th of December last, “This is not LOL” which is composed of two CDS with 38 unreleased tracks on it in total, allows you to Jul prove once again that he is a strong actor in the scene of urban music. And for good reason, as the reveals a Critical Sense, this new album has allowed Jul to reach the 3 million sales ! It is better that Maître Gims, IAM, Booba, NLP or Soprano ! A single artist has done better : MC Solaar. The singer Hasta la vista and Caroline cumulerait his side more than 3.8 million sales since 1990.

An exceptional success with more than one title : Jul is not signed in a record label “traditional,” but under his own label, gold and platinum. A way for him to keep his independence. “I prefer to stay independent. I do what I want, like release albums free of charge. I’ve started a trend, “he confided in Paris last June. About his fortune, the rap star had confided : “The music makes me make a lot of money, finally, I think, because I don’t watch how much I earn. And this money, I don’t make much in fact, I don’t have too many passions, I’m not going to box, I don’t do stores, I don’t go to the cinema. I can’t go anymore.

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