Julia Sinkevich on the film award “Gold Zia”, the new nominations and the problems in the film

The number of nominations, according to her, is growing every year

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Юлия Синькевич о кинопремии "Золота Дзиґа", новых номинациях и проблемах в кинематографе

Julia Sinkevich

Awarding the prize “Gold Jia” this year will be held on April 19. Today.Lifestyle already shared the names of the leading annual ceremony. And there are the full list of nominees of the award “Gold Jia 2019”.Now, the General producer of the Odessa international film festival, member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Academy Julia Sinkevich told Today.Lifestyle about the features of awards, nominations and nominees.

Julia, this year’s national film award “Gold Jia” is awarded for the third time. In your opinion, how it has changed over the years?

– First, we have increased the number of nominations. Every year their number is growing, this year we have 20 nominations is two more than last year. We get more applications, it also says a lot. There is real intrigue about which films will receive awards this year. Besides, how the distribution of votes of the Academy, we don’t know until the last – at least, I prefer not to know who won, all the more fun to follow the ceremony, right through to rooting for personal favorites. By the way, as for the ceremony, we always try to surprise, invest in a program important message, not just to hold the event as a given. I can say that this year the program will be unexpected – make it on April 19.

Юлия Синькевич о кинопремии "Золота Дзиґа", новых номинациях и проблемах в кинематографе

Julia Sinkevich Photo: press-service

– What you personally remember the first “Gold Jia”?

The first ceremony was more intimate, it was held in the hotel where it was much less seats, and thus the number of guests. The main intrigue was then played between the two films – “the nest of the turtledove” and “My grandmother Fanni Kaplan”. The difference between these paintings and the rest of the challengers was obvious. On the other hand, the ceremony really struck me. We understand the importance of the event. After so many years in Ukraine was not national film awards, which is not normal for the country, which has its own film industry – and then she appeared. The ceremony was memorable to me for its poignancy. Was mentally and even once at home. Of course, it is unlikely that this will repeat – the Film is becoming more of a status event, develops and scales. But Yes, the first was special – we saw that for many years the Ukrainian filmmakers finally waited on their professional holiday.

– Tell us more about the new categories that have emerged this year.

To the 18 nominations that have already been added two new: for best song and best editing. Film production is growing and beginning to crystallize his own face of Ukrainian cinema. No one wants to imitate someone, to use someone else’s music. Take songs, think about promo, because the song as the soundtrack to the film in this really helps. So, actually, and there was a need for such a category. Moreover, it was an offer themselves of the Academy.

As for the nomination “Best editing,” it’s really important technical category. Don’t underestimate the power of editing: it can decorate the film or change film. Work in such nominations as best editing, sound, make-up, I believe, is not to be assessed by all academics and expert group. I have already voiced my opinion at meetings of the Board, but as long as my initiative was not supported. The European film Academy, for example, such a practice exists. There costumes, editing, cinematography and sound values of a specific expert group. We have the same Academy in the majority watch movies on laptops or at best on your TV at home, and in this scale it is practically impossible to reliably estimate the work done. So vote on instinct. If you see the complicated makeup (for example, aging or injury), consider it a sign of professionalism, and if the person in the shot looks more natural – so it’s not a serious work. In fact, only a professional can see the differences and evaluate the work.

– What categories, in your opinion, still not enough?

– In the future it would be nice to see a nomination for best adapted screenplay. It is difficult to differentiate these movies. Probably, animated films could also be divided into the short form and long. Perhaps the introduction of nomination exclusively to comedies, which is quite a lot, and to compare them with Arthouse movie is quite difficult. In the practices of other national there film Academy nomination for best foreign film. We could follow the example and reward foreign paintings, published in our hire.

– Can talk about their favorites among the nominees for the Third National film award? In the list there are a lot of paintings that were shown at the Odessa film festival.

– If now to name names or names – will not be so interesting. I can only say that I have clear favorites in the nominations for best actress, the work of the artist-Director, the short film, which I will hand over, and directing.

– At the OIFF national contest where the winner is the best Ukrainian film. What are the criteria for determining the winners at the FESTIVAL and the “Golden Die”?

Is a completely different category that could not be compared. Applicants for the “Golden JIU” appreciate the Academy and the FESTIVAL, the expert jury, which mainly consists of foreigners. Besides, all different evaluation criteria. The decision of the jury of the Odessa film festival anyway subjective, is often a compromise. We observed such a situation when there was a strong explicit two films, and eventually won the third, because the jury could not agree – and then compromise.

– What are the main problems, in your opinion, exist in the Ukrainian cinema?

They are, above all, weak education, lack of human resources. With regard to funding, it is. The question is how to operate. The state system is not perfect: there’s a new law, but until the changes were not adopted in other regulations, it is impossible to use effectively and in full. For its part, the Ukrainian Academy makes every effort to influence the filmmaking process and these issues. The very purpose of its existence is to promote Ukrainian cinema, its support, the creation of the Institute of stars. Until recently, due to the dominance of the Russian media space stars, Ukrainian actors and Directors were in the shadows, somewhere on the sidelines. An important function was to make Ukrainian cinema and its creators in demand, both in professional perspective and in the audience. To let people know of our Directors, actors, went to their movies in cinemas. And the prize is also one of the tools that helps in this.

In addition, we conducted a series of workshops with the Academy. We understood that even if such alternative forms of education like master-classes, workshops can provide the necessary assistance. The Academy is actively involved in the formation of the strategy in the field of cinematography. When it was necessary to support the accession of Ukraine to Eurima, the Academy did not stand in the way. When was the patriot pitching, the Academy spoke about the fact that the system was more transparent. We have now supported the appeal to the Ukrainian cultural Foundation, the competition had taken into account the events in the film that take place before the deadline. Because of this, at the moment, put aside these festivals, as Docudays UA, KISFF, “Youth” and the Film as an event. Thus, the Academy plays an important role in the formation of strategy in the field of cinema, being engaged in educational, cultural, and educational activities.

We will remind, this year in the nomination “Prize of spectator sympathies” National film award “Golden Zia” presents 10 films. Today.Lifestyle offers a poll on this topic.

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Юлия Синькевич о кинопремии "Золота Дзиґа", новых номинациях и проблемах в кинематографе

Юлия Синькевич о кинопремии "Золота Дзиґа", новых номинациях и проблемах в кинематографе

Юлия Синькевич о кинопремии "Золота Дзиґа", новых номинациях и проблемах в кинематографе


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