Julianne Moore talked about the relationship with her husband

Джулианна Мур рассказала об отношениях с мужем

Julianne Moore shared the secret of many years of marriage.

Redheaded beauty Julianne Moore boasts not only the success of the movie. The actress has already 16 years old is happily married. How celebrity manages to maintain a relationship with her husband, writes the Chronicle.info with reference to kinoafisha.ua.

In 2003, Julianne Moore married Bart Freundlich. Unlike other famous couples over the years family life the love of the spouses is not extinguished, and all thanks to the joint work.

So, in an interview with People Julianne revealed the secret years of marriage. According to star, the above relationship requires a lot of work.

Moore noted that in society it is accepted to think, they say, for a successful career need to work hard. Celebrity sure, in family life should follow the same principle.

It is a mistake to think that once you meet the man you will fall, you can sit back and wait until everything would fall into place. It only happens in romantic comedies. In real life everything is different. When you find the right person, you need to invest in him and your relationship. That’s what love is.

Adding that the couple also raise two children – son Caleb and daughter Liv. The family lives in Greenwich village in new York.


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