Julie de Bona metamorphosed into The Bazaar of the charity : “It was horrible !”

Julie de Bona métamorphosée dans Le Bazar de la charité : "C'était horrible !"

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Julie de Bona metamorphosed into The Bazaar of the charity

Alongside Audrey Fleurot et Camille Lou, Julie de Bona plays one of the women whose fate has been disrupted after the fire at the Bazar de la charité in the series of TF1, which continues this Monday, December 2 with episodes 5 and 6. In an interview, the actress seen in The Lake Killer is back on his transformation to play Rose and, in particular, on the time she spent each day in makeup.

On the 18th of last November, TF1 launched The Bazaar of the charity, its mini-series event inspired from real facts. At the heart of the plot, we find three women to the fates upset : Adrienne (Audrey Fleurot), Alice (Camille Lou) and Rose (Julie de Bona). The latter, badly burned in the fire, is collected by Mrs Huchon (Josiane Balasko), who wants to pass it off as his daughter. A role for which Julie de Bona had to transform physically.

A makeup that is hard to bear

In order to embody Rose, Julie de Bona has had to exercise patience ! A transformation that is hard to bear for the actress seen in the Secret of The Elise or The Killer in the Lake on TF1. In an interview to Le Parisien, she explained, have struggled to hold it in place for the application of makeup that lasted up to 5 hours per day : “It was horrible because I’m not that patient. For me, makeup for the body, this took five hours, then three hours when it had taken the habit ! And it was a hour and a half just for the face.” entrust the star. To morph into the pink, the team had to resort to dentures. “It scratches, it will eventually irritate the epidermis. I was at flower of skin. But it allowed me to get into my character.” admits Julie de Bona.

Before the shooting, Julie de Bona explained that she had done research in order to embody them in the best way possible, its character. “I am filled with the association of major burn victims of France but I have not been able to meet someone. (…) On the other hand, I’ve seen videos on the Internet, including a large burned that inspired me a lot for its strength and compared to the stages of the pain.” she explained, still in Paris.

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