Julie Houle: a family moment

Julie Houle: un moment en famille

Surrounded by her four children, the facilitator Julie Houle tells us about the books that they have loved and those she loved.

What books have you read recently ?

The midwives of Anne-Marie Sicotte. As it is books of 800 pages each, as well be honest : I started the trilogy, there are more than a year now and I am at the beginning of the last volume ! I am completely addicted, and like every time I have to finish a series, I stretch a little towards the end because I don’t want to just not put an end to it ! I guard The attendants for the times where I can be more concentrated, because it happens in Lower Canada in the years 1845, and it tells of a struggle between midwives and men of the art, between the ladies do-gooders and catholic priests.

I also started the biography of Étienne Boulay, The journey of a beating (Marc-André Chabot). This is the kind of reading I can do on the terrace with four kids running around since I can win without completely losing the thread. I love discovering the little life banal of Stephen, I had the opportunity to cross a few occasions.

And what are those that you will definitely read soon ?

I am very intense. I enter easily in the stories, and I have an imagination very fertile. So often, I opt for books romancés. But I would really like to be able to read I am called Marie, Christian Tétreault, and The day where I have not been able to dive, Sylvie Bernier. Christian tells the story of his daughter, Mary, carried away at the age of two years by a short illness, and how he and his partner, affected by this tragedy, decided to continue their journey. Sylvie Bernier also tells his story of a day where she has assisted, powerless, to the drowning of his nephew Raphael, five years old, during a family outing in the canoe on the river New, in the Gaspé.

All genres, you can tell us about novels that you have loved very much and that you haunt yet ?

My first real novel adult, that I read when I was 15 years old, remains one of the most beautiful books I’ve read to life. I have to admit reading it every two-three years old, like a favorite movie that can be played without tanner. So I read Annabelle, Marie Laberge, nearly 10 times ! This book tells the story of Annabelle, a pianist prodigy who abandons the piano for 13 years, without apparent reason, much to the dismay of his father, agent of the artist. Then, there are her parents divorcing, her mother who is a depression, and she, a young teenager who is looking at the heart of this turmoil… I’ve also read two times the trilogy Gabrielle, Adelaide and Florent, Marie Laberge. I remember very accurate to have finished my first reading of volume 1 in tears. I still lived at my parents and I knew that my sister had volume 2 in his room. She was sleeping, it was much too late for me to wake up one night of week of school, but I still rushed in shedding tears in his room to beg them to lend me the sequel !

To really get the daily time of a book, what is it that you would recommend ?

The little book of Leah Stréliski, life is not a race. It does not help you to get the daily life, as he recounts with humour the daily life too often fizzle out of our lives overloaded. But in a pandemic situation, where we take precisely the advantage of hindsight, this reading can prove to be very interesting. I had the impression that each topic could be developed further, but it is a small, 100-page quick read. I recognized people in my circle, I’m known in certain passages, I stopped, I thought about it, I continued my reading, I laughed, I was entertained !

Then, I don’t tannerai never the prose of Serge Bouchard. The cigarette lighter of the Chrysler black may seem like a funny choice of reading for answer, but everything is relative ! When your daily life is to be at home with four children ages 4 to 11 years of age, it is a way of winning, read on the past, on the legacy of our predecessors, and to stop and think about the first people who paved the way.

Speaking of children, would you have some suggestions of very good books for the kids ?

We read every night as a family and the kids know that I rarely say no to the purchase of a new book ! Élise Gravel makes me laugh every time. With this author, we learn in a fun way. The spider and The rat are still our favorites !

We love the playful look and tone of the collection Émile under the pen French of Vincent Cuvellier and the amazing illustrations by Ronan Badel. I am also an addict of the character of Leo Annie Groovie. The book Leon and the inventions is without a doubt the favorite of our boys. Finally, I fell completely under the charm of the tenderness and fragility of Marie-Josée Gauvin with his first children’s book The princess asleep. The lovely designs of Cara Carmina also make us appreciate the delicacy of this true story. I would be very bad liar to tell you that I don’t pay a tear to each reading…

And what is the one that meets currently the most successful for you ?

Clearly, The Strike of the bath, written by Pierrette Dubé and brilliantly illustrated by Geneviève Després. On a more personal note, I strongly advise all parents to put their hands on the three books of Jocelyne Robert on sexuality in children, My sexuality from 0 to 6 years of age, My sexuality (6 to 9 years of age and My sexuality from 9 to 11 years of age, who accompany the child in the respect and at its own pace in its development psychosexuel. A good tool for parents who are sometimes without words in the face of issues relevant to children !

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