Julie Lévesque: An antimask found guilty ironically finds herself “loser”

Julie L&évesque: Antimask found guilty ironically finds herself «loser


An anti-sanitary measures activist ironically said she felt “loser” after being sentenced on Monday to pay a hefty fine for refusing to wear a mask at a bus station in 2021. 

“Okay, I'm a loser. I lost in front of a judge who potentially shopped a complaint to the Council of the Judiciary”, reacted on Facebook Julie Lévesque, a few hours after her conviction. 

This influential figure of the anti-mask movement , who lives in the Saint-Michel district of Montreal, appeared before the Court of Quebec on Monday. According to court documents seen by the Journal, she was convicted of an offense under the Public Health Act. The event took place on July 19, 2021.

“I arrived at the Gare du Palais [in Quebec] and the security guard asked me to put on my mask. I told him that I had a medical condition. He said show me your note [from the doctor]. I told him that I did not have to show him, ”said Ms. Lévesque on Wednesday, in a video on her social networks. 

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Salty fine

Judge Sylvie Marcotte did not believe the excuses of the 48-year-old activist on Monday. She hoped to be cleared of all charges.

The court instead ordered him to pay a statement worth at least $1,546 for refusing to hide in the Gare du Palais. The anti-mask will have six months to pay this amount. 

“Ms. Lévesque’s version was not accepted by the court. Consequently, after having heard all of the evidence, the court concluded that the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) had proved the alleged offense beyond a reasonable doubt,” explains Me Patricia Johnson, door -DPCP Deputy Spokesperson.

Remember that Julie Lévesque has multiplied the appearances during the pandemic on the channels accused of misinformation. She has also participated in numerous demonstrations against health measures, notably alongside anti-vaccine activist François Amalega.

The latter now has more than $98,000 in fines for having violated health rules.

Julie Lévesque with anti-vaccine activist François Amaléga in May 2021.

She boasted about it, however

On July 19, 2021, the day she received her statement of offence, the activist ironically boasted of not wearing a mask in public on social networks. 

“I am in a passenger bus and although the mask is compulsory for the entire duration of the trip, only a minority wear it. I leave you to think about what that means”, can we read on Julie Lévesque’s Facebook page during this day.

As you can see in the video below, she was also arrested in March 2021 for refusing to wear the mask during an anti-sanitary measures demonstration in Montreal:

The Journalcontacted the Montrealer on Thursday to get her reaction to this judgment. In an email, she claimed not to have enough time to answer us. 

“I will respond to your article with my own article and probably an avalanche of complaints”, threatens her. 

Conspiratorial before the pandemic

Note that this anti-mask was already immersed in the world of conspiracy long before the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In an interview with Radio-Canada in 2016, Julie Lévesque confesses that she does not believe the official version of September 11, 2001, which caused thousands of deaths. She is also convinced that the government is “hiding information”. 

How did she come to this conclusion? Thanks to her “research”, explained Ms. Lévesque at the time. 

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