Julie Perreault explains herself

Julie Perreault explains herself


Julie Perreault wanted to disassociate herself from the anti-police publication published a few days ago by her fellow actress in Reasonable doubt. The actress told the Journalthat she had liked the photo of Nadia Essadiqi without knowing what the letters ACAB meant (All cops Are Bastards : All policemen are bastards).

“I was irresponsible for not looking properly and ignorant for not knowing what that term meant, explains Julie Perreault, who herself attached The Journal. It really is the truth.”

The actress, who says she is not very active on social networks, found herself caught in the whirlwind following the controversial publication of her colleague dressed as a policewoman with whom she plays in the series Reasonable doubt. Visibly affected by the news, Julie Perreault explained that she in no way endorsed the hostile mention of Nadia Essadiqi towards the police. 

“I have defended police officers throughout my career, it is about the profession that I respect the most, she adds. I disagree [with] everything and I'm absolutely sorry today to be caught up in this affair, because I really had nothing to do with it. 

The actress, who plays the star investigator in the series broadcast on Radio-Canada, worked closely with investigators to refine her role. 

” At no time do I want these people to think that 'there was a lie on my side,' she said. p>

“ I had to respond to some people who asked me for explanations, she says. I accept being guilty of not knowing that term, which proves that I am a responsible citizen who is absolutely not demonstrating against anyone, and certainly not against this profession that I have been defending on screen for so many years. »


Nadia Essadiqi, meanwhile, has not wanted to explain the reasons for her actions, contenting herself with writing by message to the Journal that she “had no bad intentions in making this publication” and that she apologized “everyone. s those who may have been hit. are. by this clumsiness”.

Recall that the publication did not go unnoticed and traveled to the president of the Association of Quebec Police Directors (ADPQ), who wanted to position himself firmly against this message inciting hatred of the police.

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