Julie Ricci pregnant : she reveals the sex of her (future) second child 什

Julie Ricci enceinte : elle d矇voile le sexe de son (futur) deuxi癡me enfant 什

Julie Ricci pregnant : she reveals the sex of her second child

A year after the birth of baby Gianni, Julie Ricci is pregnant with her second child ! While its delivery is planned for June 26, 2020, the young mother comes to reveal the gender of your future bundle of joy with her husband Pierre-Jean Cabrieres. Then, it waits again a boy or is it a little girl this time ?

A few months after the birth of her little boy Gianni in September 2018, Julie Ricci was the victim of a miscarriage : “please be Aware that we are trying and we are ready to re-try the shot after my last pregnancy which unfortunately was not arrived at term, “confided at the time of the tragedy. The ex-candidate of Friends Trip 3 and her husband Pierre-Jean Cabrieres have had reason to try to move since Julie Ricci is now pregnant with her second child, whose birth is scheduled for January 26, 2020 ! Congratulations !

Julie Ricci pregnant with a little girl or a little boy ?

It is curious to know if the one you can find in Moms & famous on TFX and her husband are expecting a boy or a girl. Julie Ricci is not against the idea of having a second little guy : “We already have a son and I love it so much my son that I see well with a little boy and at the same time to see the face of a little girl, how it would be, this would be too cute.“So, verdict ? The young mom is pregnant… a baby boy as she has announced video on Instagram.

Pierre-Jean Cabrieres has also shared the big news on his account : “It’s a BOY ! This is crazy I was convinced it was a girl, Julie has managed to keep the secret for several days! More than 3 and it was the basketball team.

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“It is true that it is an early pregnancy a little more tricky”

Julie Ricci and her husband swim thus in happiness, but the former candidate of Secret Story still remains vigilant after her miscarriage : “it is true that It is an early pregnancy a little more tricky. I have some fears in relation to my miscarriage, but I’m trying to relativise to the maximum“, she explains to Purepeople before adding : “We did some tests, because the doctors suspected down syndrome, but fortunately all goes well… I relativizes even if I tell myself that I can still lose the baby. I look forward to the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy because if ever there is a problem, we can still make it out. But in the meantime, the first six months, no one can intervene…

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