Julien Lacroix apologizes on Facebook

Julien Lacroix présente ses excuses sur Facebook

Julien Lacroix has re-activated his page on Facebook as of late Tuesday afternoon, to respond to new allegations of sexual misconduct at his location revealed on Monday. “I wouldn’t recommend to do that in the current circumstances, but I want to let it speak to my heart to be true”, he wrote into the game.

“Yesterday, on the blow of the emotion, I reacted quickly rather than take a step back before you speak publicly,” he added.

Julien Lacroix had posted a long message on Monday morning, following allegations published by the daily Le Devoir, which has earned him thousands of comments and reactions on social networks in a majority adverse to its approach.

It has corrected the shooting Tuesday. “Far be it from me to want to trivialize a cause much greater than my small self. I apologize so sincerely with people who have been hurt or disappointed by my publishing,” he wrote.

Then, the comedian said he was going to call in “specialists” over the next few months, to do an “introspection”.

“Over the years, my professional and family life has been punctuated by the problems that I have for too long tried to avoid. The time has come to go to seek answers to questions that I dragged with me since too many years”, he confided.

“I am 27 years old. I want to be a better person and I will devote the time and energy needed,” he says.

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