Julien Lacroix reacts to allegations of assault and sexual misconduct

Julien Lacroix réagit aux allégations d'agressions et d'inconduites sexuelles

The subject of allegations of assault and sexual misconduct, the comedian Julien Lacroix reacts and defends in a publication on his page Facebook.

“I begin to be accustomed to gossip, and gossip in my short career. However, to destroy the work of a life? In one article? Where I have not even been able to give my version of events?”, writing the stand-up comedian on Facebook.

In an article published this morning in the daily Duty, nine women tell of having been a victim of misconduct and sexual assault on the part of Julien Lacroix. They talk about the importance of taking the word to stop these behaviors.

“I’m not an angel but not a demon either, and certainly not the sexual predator that has been raging for a decade as The Duty described me this morning. In addition, most of the events that I reproach would have occurred when I was minor,” adds the comedian, very popular with young people.

The article of the Duty status of sexual relations non-consensual, kissing, non-consensual and gestures.

The daily wrote that the comedian has not accepted the “repeated requests to interview, which would have allowed him to have access to detailed information obtained from [their] sources and comment on them”.

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