Jumanji 3 : Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart want to embody-2 stars very special in the following

Jumanji 3 : Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart want to embody-2 stars very special in the following

On the occasion of the theatrical release of Jumanji 3 – The Nex Level, Purebreak has had the chance to meet Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart interview. And as we said to the duo, he already has a few ideas of stars to embody/imitate in the future.

Jumanji Next Level and has just landed in the cinema, but it is already time to look to the future of the franchise. Because, yes, without a spoiler, the end of this episode clearly keeps the door open to a new movie. And while Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to slide respectively in the skin of Danny DeVito and Danny Glover, this year – which gives rise to imitations very funny on the screen, Purebreak has tried to find out what other personalities they would like to “embody” in the following.

What stars for Jumanji 4 ?

Response from Kevin Hart ? “I’m going to choose someone that I can easily incarnate, I think it would be Denzel Washington“. As mentioned by the comedian with a sense of humor, “we are both the same. Elegant, class, good behavior“. Above all, the interpreter of Franklin “Mouse” Finbar assures, they share a common point that is very important : “It is the kind of guys who landed on the big-screen and that everyone wants to be.” It is valid.

And on the side of Dwayne Johnson ? No idea. Fortunately, Kevin Hart has enough imagination for two “Butterbean ! It would be a great match“. For those who do not know this person, the ex-star of catch precise about it : “This is a boxer in the US that is nicknamed Butterbean. This is a bad boy“. And if he admits to being surprised by this proposal, it also seems to be a lot of fun : “Yeah I’d be him. Thank you. I bugué too long. And you you have found that. And it’s pretty cool. Denzel and Butterbean. Go see this film !

Bon bah, strongly 2021 !

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