Jungle Cruise : Dwayne Johnson to play Pirates of the Caribbean in the trailer

Jungle Cruise : Dwayne Johnson to play Pirates of the Caribbean in the trailer

The jungle and Dwayne Johnson, it is a long and beautiful history of love in cinema. After Jumanji, Hobbs & Shaw, Welcome to the Jungle or Journey to the center of the Earth 2, it is in Jungle Cruise that will return this summer alongside Emily Blunt. And if you believe the trailer, this project will have a false air of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Unless the coronavirus decides otherwise, it is the 29th of July, Disney will unveil Jungle Cruise at the cinema, his new film event. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (The Passenger), as worn by Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs & Shaw) and Emily Blunt (Without Noise 2), it will be primarily an adaptation… of the attraction self-titled present in many Disney parks. As Pirates of the Caribbean ? Absolutely.

Dwayne Johnson has fun in the jungle

You can discover them in the new trailer, Jungle Cruise will share many points in common with the famous franchise of pirates led by Johnny Depp. The program ? We have the right to a treasure hunt epic (magnificent scenery, traps of all kinds, obstacle course…) punctuated by unexpected encounters and dangers of all kinds.

And if one could legitimately think that Dwayne Johnson should get tired of shooting in the jungle for a few years, the actor should instead prove to us that he is having fun always so much in such decors. This is the face of a tiger, against the piranhas, or on a vine, we will prove once again that he is the most funny comedians badass. Strongly.

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