Juno Prize: Avril Lavigne unwavering in front of … a topless protester

Juno Award: Avril Lavigne unwavering in front of... topless protester


A topless protester briefly took to the stage at the Juno Awards Monday night in Edmonton.

The scene occurred as the singer Avril Lavigne addressed the crowd, talking about the significance of the ceremony and the first time she received a Juno some 20 years ago. 

The singer continued her speech for a few seconds, before losing patience. “Get out! Get the fuck away, bitch,” she said as two security guards came to escort the woman away. 

Clad only in a pink pants and a scarf in her hair, the protester wore messages written in black ink on the skin. One of them called in particular to “save the green belt”, probably in reference to the requests of developers who want to build in protected territories around Toronto.