'Jurassic Park' actor Sam Neill reveals he has cancer


Actor Sam Neill, famous for his role as paleontologist “Alan Grant” in the equally famous Jurassic Park< saga strong>, revealed in his memoir to be released next week being treated for stage 3 blood cancer. 

“The fact is: I am sick. Maybe dying. I'm going to have to speed up,” he wrote in the first chapter of his book Did I ever tell you this?, that he wrote while undergoing chemotherapy.

During an interview with the British daily newspaper The Guardian, the actor specifies however that he is in remission, but will have to continue this treatment until the end of his life.

“I can't pretend that the past year hasn't had its share of dark moments,” he explained, his cancer , a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, having been diagnosed in 2022.

“But these dark times bring out the light,” added the British New Zealander, “just happy to be alive.”< /p>

Sam Neill, 75, is best known for playing one of the protagonists of Jurassic Park, Professor “Alan Grant”, in three opuses of the saga, including the first time in 1993 under the direction of Steven Spielberg.

His long career in front of the camera began in s the 1970s, until more recent roles such as in the hit series Peaky Blinders or the last installment of Jurassic Park, titled The World of after, released in 2022.

A winemaker in New Zealand in his spare time, he is preparing for a new role in a television adaptation of Apples Never Fall, by the novelist Liane Moriarty.