Just for Laughs Festival: successful bet for Math Duff

Just for Laughs Festival: successful bet for Math Duff


Mathieu Dufour's madness took hold of the Bell Center on Saturday evening, where nearly 13,000 admirers of the mane comedian gathered. After making himself known through social networks during the pandemic, the young comedian is now playing in the big leagues.

As an opener, a stunt double emerged on a platform onstage. At the same time, Mathieu Dufour made a surprise entrance to the floor before going up the aisle where he had to ask the security guards for help to get on stage, because we had forgotten to install steps.


But, when you know Mathieu Dufour, you suspect that he could not be satisfied with such a simple entry. He therefore asked the public to forget the ten minutes that had just passed to go backstage and make an entrance worthy of a big star.

Presented by Justin Morissette, Math Duff is finally arrived at the top of a platform, accompanied by pyrotechnics, dressed in a sequined one-piece and perched on boots with huge stiletto heels.

Mathieu Dufour told various anecdotes related to shows he saw at the Bell Center, such as the time he had to come back to see Celine Dion the next day, not remembering the show he had seen the day before because of 'an excess of alcohol and polpettes.

As the comedian is in improvisation mode on stage, the show is necessarily uneven and disjointed, between two really hilarious and effective flashes.

Pier-Luc Funk then arrived on stage, dressed in the same high-heeled boots as Mathieu Dufour. The two engaged in a wacky imitation of Marie-Mai on the song Cobra. Pier-Luc's boots ended up in the audience.


The evening was captured by Netflix, which will offer a 60-minute condensed version at a later date, but the mechanics of the filming sometimes broke the rhythm of the show a little.

Mathieu Dufour then recalled the time he was in the Cadets. “I was never a male, but once they wanted to go paintball. I was so bad that I was the laughingstock of my team. I hated everything.” The gameended when he emptied his magazine into the back of a guy he thought was from the opposing team, but who was actually… the club's photographer!”

L he COVID Artist of the Year at the 2021 Les Olivier Gala then spoke about his experience of a medieval summer camp when he was 12 years old. “It's my sister's favorite story,” he said. In his head, Math Duff had created a Merlin-style character, with special powers for the occasion, by taking remains of costumes found at home. “When I got to the camp parking lot, I started crying. All eyes turned to me. I made people laugh at me so much, I finally stayed in the chalet all weekend doing the dishes.”

Mathieu Dufour has an incredible ability to make the crowd react with ease. Obviously, the public loves him and follows him in all his madness. By our cut-off time, he was beginning to tell a few anecdotes about his marijuana-using experience, and more equally surreal stories were expected.