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The comedian Mathieu Dufour will present a live show on the Saturday evening in the context of FSTVL HAHAHA, the first festival of francophone comedy 100% digital.

Having experienced in the past few weeks, a tremendous rise in the world of humor because of the popularity of his “Show-rona virus”, a daily meeting that he proposed through his account Instagram, the comedian Mathieu Dufour is about to face another big challenge : the presentation via the channels of the digital comedy show.

The comedian will be the only one to offer a live performance during the festival.

“I have guests that have pre-recorded their performance, with teams shooting Just for a laugh, and I also have one or two guests who are going to be there live, described from the outset, the comedian, when asked to explain what it will look like his show on Saturday. The reason why I agreed to do it, it’s that it was going to be live, because that is really the essence of what I love to do. If they had asked me to pre-record something already mounted, word for word, I think I would have refused because it is not like me.”


Recognized for her style where the improvisation occupies a predominant place, Mathieu Dufour, of his own admission, does not know exactly what form will his show, to the delight of the first question.

“In life, in general, the way I operate, it really is “we go there at the time, and we see what it gives”. That is my modus operandi if it wants to, but usually, for my shows on stage, I’m used to so I know a bit where we are going. Here, with this show there live, with the art, with the studio, the this, the that, I really have no idea what twist it’s going to take,” says Mathieu Dufour.

“But that’s what I like, in fact, embark in a business and live in the same time as the public, do not really know what is going on, to just be there and that we live all together,” he continues. I’m going to tell full of anecdotes, it’s happened to me plenty of business during the confinement, I look forward to telling that to people.”

One project at a time

Having put an end after 50 performances to his Show-rona virus, a real talk-show, where the comedian gave appointments to over 100 000 people subscribe to his account Instagram, Mathieu Dufour is well at peace with this conclusion, even as the popularity of his show was growing.

“I’m someone who likes to have some control over the schedule of my life and when I do a project, to know when it starts and when it ends,” says the comedian. Personally, I find that the end of a project is as much a part of the project than the beginning and the middle.”

And everything indicates that it is not a new departure for the comedian, whose show originally planned in the framework of the Just for laughs festival, to be held at the salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, is already complete.

“I like that I embark in a project at the time. I’ve done the Show-rona and I have finished, here I embark in Just for laughs. Once it will be finished, I’m going to rest a little bit, and then I embark on the Fantastic Red FM this summer and I’ll have a few appearances here and there,” says Mathieu Dufour.

“Everything is stand-by, summarized perhaps about his show at salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. It is less stressful for this room, she is already all sold, so we just wait for the opportunity to be 3000 in a room “, he adds with a smile.

The show “Mathieu Dufour live” will take place Saturday evening at 21h. The ticket purchase is possible via the website hahaha.com.

Suggestions for the festival

The FSTVL HAHAHA Just for laughs, held from 28 to 31 may, will present 18 performances consisting of over 60 artists. All shows, apart from Mathieu Dufour, have been previously recorded respecting the measures of social distancing.

Two forms of tickets are available: a pass for one night at a cost of $ 12 or a pass giving access to all of the programming at a cost of $40.

“The structure, it is a bit like a tv channel, summarizes Patrick Rozon, vice-president of the francophone content of the Just for laughs Group. You make your passes, it’s a unique code, a code on a day or four days, depending on the pass you are buying. For example, Thursday it begins at 18h, it ends at 23h and every hour, you have a show that is different. There are people who will come just to see a show, others who will stay there all evening. There is really everything to everybody.”

While the festival will offer a rich program of 18 shows, here are a few suggestions of Patrick Rozon for those who want to have a taste.

“Jérémie Larouche, which is 60 minutes of Star Wars with puppets, it’s pissing.”

• Presented on Friday evening at 18h

“Laurent Paquin and Simon Boudreault read of Monty Python. For fans of Monty Python, they can make you a tribute, really strong. It is really funny, it’s really good.”

• Presented Saturday evening at 19h

“Jean-Marc Parent with Marie-Claude Barrette, this is so beautiful and so touching. This is an interview on the life of Jean-Marc, on his career, and he recounts among other things his adventure to the hospital, it’s just him that can tell you that and you laugh to bawl.”

• Presented Saturday evening at 20h

“Virginie Fortin and LeLouis Courchesne who make a new show with skits with a misunderstanding that will last 45 minutes, that’s disgusting.”

• Presented Sunday evening at 18h

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