Justice in Venezuela: the government of Maduro considers the UN report “biased”

Justice au Venezuela: le gouvernement Maduro juge le rapport de l’ONU «tendancieux»

The venezuelan government called Wednesday for “misleading” the UN report published the day before, and considering the independence of the judicial system in Venezuela weakened, contributing to impunity and the persistence of human rights violations.

“This report is misleading (…) is an example of palpable of the two weights two measures, handling and use policy be ashamed of, international mechanisms by a small group of countries”, said the ministry of foreign Affairs in a press release.

“The governments of the satellites of the United States is clearly in evidence when they articulate their positions and actions in international forums in the framework of the aggression” against Venezuela, added the ministry.

The publication of the report of the High Commissioner of the UN for Human rights, asked in September last by the Council of Human rights in Geneva, took place a week after the supreme Court of Venezuela, considered as acquired to the president Maduro, has suspended the entire leadership of the party, the leader of the opposition Juan Guaido and handed control over to one of his rivals.

The report calls for Caracas to carry out the reforms of the judicial system announced in January in order to ensure “its independence, its impartiality and transparency”. “The independence of the judiciary (venezuela) is significantly impaired” for a variety of reasons, ” he continues.

He cites “the insecurity of the tenure of judges and prosecutors, the lack of transparency of the designation process, the precariousness of the working conditions and political interference, including the links of the members of the supreme Court with the government and the ruling party”.

The report notes in particular the “political pressure” exerted on the judges, particularly in the form of threat of dismissal.

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