Justin Bieber back with “Exchange” : its fans to validate his new album

Justin Bieber de retour avec "Changes" : ses fans valident son nouvel album

Justin Bieber back with “Exchange” : its fans to validate his new album

The 14 February is the day of St. Valentine, but also the release of the new album of Justin Bieber, “Changes”. A new album awaited for five years ! The canadian singer said his love for his wife Hailey Baldwin in most of the tracks and surrounds of Post Malone, Quavo, Travis Scott, or even Kehlani on securities effective. Fans of the Bieb’s validate.

Justin Bieber back with “Changes”

Justin Bieber is back ! After several difficult years, between his depression, his addiction to the drug or its disease, the interpreter of Sorry made a successful comeback with his new album “Changes”, the first since “Purpose” in 2015. We already had a small taste of the album with the songs Yummy, Get Me in feat with Kehlani and Intentions with Quavo : the Bieb’s also invited-Post Malone (Forever), Travis Scott (Second Emotion) and Lil Dicky (Running Over).

Justin Bieber provides us with 17 titles just as effective as each other… in which he declares his love for his wife Hailey Baldwin. In All Around Me, the canadian singer said : “Never thought I could ever be loyal to you / To someone other than myself / I never thought I could ever be a spoiler / Guess anything is possible with your help / Anything’s possible since you made my heart melt / Gave me the best hand that I’d ever been dealt.” Justin Bieber dedicates as Forever to his sweetheart : “No I don’t wanna fight it / I don’t wanna hide the way I feel / So I guess it’s time for me to say that I got eyes for you baby / I want us to be together.” And happy Valentine’s day !

The fans love it !

With “Changes”, Justin Bieber is number 1 on iTunes in the USA. His album was so highly anticipated by its fans who validate the majority of : “Ok so this new album of Justin Bieber is a fucking happiness“, “Fucking a honey in the ears thank you for everything @justin bieber“, “Not disappointed at all“, “In fact Justin me disappoint forever damn this album is crazy“, “BAH VASY nothing to say, it is perfect. I had missed so much in real life. It is good to find“, we can read on Twitter.

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