Justin Bieber continues to libel those who have accused him of sexual assault

Justin Bieber poursuit en diffamation celles qui l'ont accusé d'agression sexuelle

Justin Bieber has two people who accused him of sexual assault. Stating that their charges are “factually impossible” and are meant to be talked about, the singer of Baby has brought legal action against the two young women prénommées Danielle and Kadi on the social networks, for defamation.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the canadian singer says that he has “documentary evidence “incontestable” proof that their allegations of sexual assault are only “lies, outrageous, and manufactured”.

Danielle has claimed that Justin Bieber had sexually assaulted her in a room of the Four Seasons hotel in Austin, Texas in march 2014. According to the official documents, the singer admits that he was in town for an appearance at SXSW, but he did not stay at the Four Seasons hotel and was with his then girlfriend, Selena Gomez. He is also convinced that Danielle has invented its history based on articles stating that he has eaten at the restaurant Four Seasons on march 10, 2014.

As to Kadi, it says that the star sexually assaulted her at the hotel Langham New York at the beginning of the month of may 2015. Calling its accusations of “hoax ” developed”, it says that the woman, a super-fan who regularly waits outside hotels, has used the fact that he had attended the Met Gala close to inventing his story. Justin Bieber claims his side that he went to a private party after the gala and he remained there until almost 4 o’clock in the morning before you visit a stand of hot dogs, where he was photographed, making it impossible to sexual intercourse alleged Kadi, which would be held at 2: 30 in the morning.

Justin Bieber thinks that the accounts of Danielle and Kadi could be managed by the same person. He claims more than 20 million dollars of damages and interests.

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