Justin Bieber got a tattoo on my face in honor of his wife

Джастин Бибер сделал тату на лице в честь жены

The musician is ready to shout about his love.

For love people are willing to deal, and to prove their loyalty, sometimes doing the most incredible things. For example, Justin Bieber, who seems ready to scream about his love for Hailey Baldwin, made a new tattoo on his face. It is worth noting that to see it was not so easy, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of Yu.

Star tattoo artist Keith McCurdy confirmed that Justin and Hailey made a pair of tattoos in July. “Yes, they do have matching tattoos, but I have never seen pictures tattoo Justin, he hides it well,” says McCurdy.

Bieber’s tattoo is located just above the right eyebrow of a musician, but to see it is really quite problematic, as it is an inscription in very small print. Insiders report that it says the word Grace (“grace”). By the way, where it got a tattoo that Baldwin was not reported, but it is unlikely that the girl working as a model, followed the example of the beloved and touched his face in a similar way.

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