Justin Bieber leaves the stage for Hailey Baldwin

Джастин Бибер уходит со сцены ради Хейли Болдуин

Bieber admitted that his mental health at this stage is more important than career.

25-year-old American singer Justin Bieber knows what his fans look forward to from him new music, however, mental health singer is now more important than its current activities, according to the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

The artist wrote to his fans a long emotional message to Instagram, explaining that his musical career is sidelined, as he continues to fix some of their “deep-rooted problems”.

“I read a lot of reports that you want the album… I toured all of my teenage years, and by 25 years understand it, and as you guys probably noticed that I was unhappy in the last round, and I don’t deserve it, and you don’t deserve it. You pay money to come and spend time at a live, energetic and exciting concert, and I was not able emotionally to give it to you all at the end of the tour”.

Bieber also noted that the priority of his mental health is the desire to “maintain” your marriage with Hailey Baldwin and justify your expectations as a future father.

Джастин Бибер уходит со сцены ради Хейли Болдуин


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