Justin Bieber returns to his depression : “I shouldn’t even still be alive”

Justin Bieber revient sur sa dépression : "Je ne devrais même pas être encore en vie"

Justin Bieber returns to his depression : “I shouldn’t even still be alive”

Justin Bieber is back on the front of the stage with the outputs announced a new album and a documentary on YouTube. What to do for the happiness of the performer of ‘Yummy’, it stands just a few years very complicated. During a recent evening promo, he returned to his handling of the depression, notably caused by Lyme disease.

Justin Bieber returns to his depression

As incredible as it may seem, to be a star of the song, multi-millionaire and adored by a portion of the population does not prevent the happiness of escape. And Justin Bieber knows something. After having recently confessed to be suffering from Lyme disease, the interpreter of Yummy took advantage of a night at the Village Recorders (Los Angeles), which was organized to celebrate the release of his new album to speak on these last two years considered the most difficult of his life.

Invited to this event, which were also invited to many fans, Variety ensures that the singer has repeatedly “shown moved and cried remembering the immense depression he has sustained by entering into their adult life“. A passage so complicated to live that Justin Bieber has declared : “I think I should not even still be alive today“.

The singer, “hurt” by the music industry

Due to his illness ? Has his career ? Probably both. According to Variety, Justin Bieber revealed to have “been injured by this industry in which he grew up, “and “by the people” who work there. And if no name has been revealed, the u.s. site specific, “he added that he was never sure who to turn to or who to trust during this difficult period“.

Also, after having promised that his future projects (album, documentary on YouTube) would be a “reflection of all that” and how he climbed up the slope, Justin Bieber has thanked his fans for their unwavering support, “Thank you for loving me even when I’m the lowest“.

If you ever dream of a career in the song, there is still time to change your mind…

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