Justin Bieber speaks on his drug addiction : “I was dying”

Justin Bieber se confie sur son addiction à la drogue : "J'étais en train de mourir"

Justin Bieber speaks on his drug addiction : “I was dying”

Justin Bieber comes back from very far away. Absent from the music scene for two years, the interpreter of Yummy has decided to deliver on his depression, his complicated relationship with fame, his illness or his drug addiction in his documentary series, Seasons, broadcast on YouTube. The singer looks back on the period when he was “dying”.

Justin Bieber has started in the middle of the music very young, which was not a good thing for him, since he suffered from the celebrity to such a point that it has cancelled its Purpose Tower in 2017 for taking a break. A pause during which he fought against the depression and was discovered to be suffering from Lyme disease, “but also a serious case of mononucleosis chronic, which affects my skin, my neurological functions, my energy and my health in general“. In addition to all that, the interpreter of Yummy became addict to the drug, marijuana specifically.

“It was scary and crazy”

The first time I smoked weed, it was all in my court. I was very stoned, “says Justin Bieber in his documentary series Seasons before handing in that it allowed him to manage his anxiety : “I realized that I loved it and this is where I really started smoking. I became addicted, it made me understand that I had to stop. I don’t think this is bad, it’s just that for me, it is an addiction, “says the singer.

Except that the Bieb’s has not arrested immediately, on the contrary, he started taking MDMA and the hallucinogenic mushrooms : “I was dying. It was scary and crazy. (…) It was an escape for me. I was young, as everyone in the industry or in the world of experimenting. Except that my experience was in front of the cameras. I had a lot of money. Then, there were the people who expected things of me, and who wanted the same lifestyle as me.

“I have abused my body”

Fortunately, Justin Bieber has managed to become aware of the situation and to take the path of healing : “It is incredibly important to manage her mental health (…) I have abused my body in the past and now I’m just in the process of healing. I try to take care of my body and of the ship that has given me God.

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