Justin Bieber suffering from Lyme disease : Hailey Baldwin defends them against criticism

Justin Bieber atteint de la maladie de Lyme : Hailey Baldwin le défend face aux critiques

Justin Bieber suffering from Lyme disease : Hailey Baldwin defends them against criticism

For a few years, Justin Bieber has received numerous criticisms on her physique, but nobody had any idea that he was actually suffering from Lyme disease, even he didn’t know that yet. In a recent interview, his wife Hailey Baldwin speaks out on her health and defends it in the face of all those who have tried.

A lot of people say I have a dirty head, that I’m a drug addict… They don’t realize that I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, but also a serious case of mononucleosis chronic, “announced Justin Bieber in the month of January. Because of the disease, the singer fell into depression and did not feel they could get out : “I think I should not even still be alive today“, he confided during a party for his new album “Changes”, the output of which is scheduled for 14 February 2020.

Hailey Baldwin speaks out about the disease Justin Bieber

During this ordeal, Justin Bieber has been able to count on the support of his wife, Hailey Baldwin. Interviewed by IT, the buddy Kendall Jenner is back on the criticism that the interpreter of Yummy received when he was very ill : “He is suffering from Lyme disease and had to manage other medical problems. We had no diagnosis. It was hard because everybody, from the outside, was very naughty and the judge, saying he had the air of taking the drugs, he had the air of having a poor lifestyle, when in truth, he was not in good health and we didn’t know why.

Hailey Baldwin was then asked : “It’s been a month that I had become a woman, trying to help him understand what was wrong and what was happening. Now, he is in perfect health.” Justin Bieber, who has had a drug addiction, is now fit to return to the front of the stage and to go on tour again.

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