Justin Bieber unveils the trailer to his documentary series Seasons

Justin Bieber unveils the trailer to his documentary series Seasons

For her grand return to the front of the stage, Justin Bieber is preparing to release his new album, the first in five years, and to engage as never before in his documentary series entitled ” Seasons. To give a small taste of this project, in which the singer looks back on his years complicated, a trailer has been unveiled.

The year 2020 will be without any doubt the one of Justin Bieber between the release of her single Yummy this January 3, his new album, his tour of the United States and its documentary series Seasons. In short, the interpreter of Sorry is well and truly back after nearly four years absence ! These past years have not been easy for the Bieb’s because of her big bad buzz and his depression, but today, it is finally ready to return to the path of the celebrity.

The trailer of Seasons unveiled

Justin Bieber has also decided to engage intimately for the first time in his documentary series Seasons, which will be available from 27 January on YouTube Originals. As the unveils the trailer, this project will address the dark period of canadian singer, recording her new album (the first since “Purpose” and released in 2015), and his marriage with Hailey Baldwin or even his personal life. The relatives of the ex of Selena Gomez will testify also : “Being on stage is the thing he loves most in the world. I was worried when he said that he wanted to stop“, “there was a period that was very hard for him. it was the shadow of himself“.

Justin Bieber will tell him also his descent to the underworld : “as human beings, we pass through all ups and downs. Sometimes, you want to give up.” In the documentary series, Seasons, we will understand above all that this long has been very beneficial for the husband of Hailey Baldwin.

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