Justin, the superhero!

Justin, le superhéros!

What is currently happening in Ottawa is extremely important.

We will finally know if Justin Trudeau is a human being like you and me or a superhero.


In fact, if our prime minister goes through this scandal which is growing by the day, it proves beyond any doubt that he is a superhero with extraordinary powers.

The Man Is Teflon.

A creature came from space, on which nothing sticks.

It is blamed by the ethics Commissioner for having used public funds to pay for a little journey of relaxation on the private island of his buddy, His Bedonnesse the Aga Khan ?

It comes out intact !

It is blamed by the ethics Commissioner a second time to have put pressure on the minister of Justice to help SNC-Lavalin to avoid a criminal trial ?

He gets away without a scratch !

If he comes out of this third scandal, I swear to you, I buys me a white tunic, I’m mowing and I enter in the Order of Saint-Justin.

I spend the rest of my life to praise the glory of our Prime Minister.


For those of you who were too busy with the hunt for witches that is raging right now on the social networks to watch what was happening on the Ottawa side (Who has dipped his didine in a drink ? Who has bitten whom ? That is going to lose his job just because his name appeared on a list anonymous ?), remember the facts.

Justin – who is never short of ideas when it comes time to treat his image as a saint, especially if it involves public money – has a flash : it will create a program designed to encourage young people to do volunteer work… by paying them !

And to manage this program of $ 900 million, he chooses… the charity WE !

Body that is going to be paid… 19.5 million for his services !

Organization whose ambassador-at-main is… his wife !

Organization that has handsomely paid… his mother, his brother and his wife to give lectures !

Organization that received… 1.18 million from the federal government to organize a event on Canada day in 2017 !

Event, which featured… the mother of the PM !

Mother of the PM, which has received… 312 000 $ on the part of WE for the past four years !

WE, who never cease to boast of the greatness and the generosity of… Justin Trudeau in its pubs !

As said Raoul Duguay : “All is in all ! “


Every day we learn of new juicy details on the scandal.

And what did Justin Trudeau to calm the media ?

He apologized !

Our PM knew that WE paid the members of his family… but he didn’t know HOW much he paid !


This is an excuse, friends.

It is as if a singer took the panties down said : “I didn’t know that I’d put on my didine in a glass of gin, I thought I would put in a glass of scotch ! “

I tell you this : if Justin leaves, I walk bare feet behind him.

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