Justin Trudeau continues to give

Justin Trudeau continue de donner

Even if the pace has slowed in recent weeks, Justin Trudeau has continued to sow to every wind with the aid programmes of the federal to deal with the pandemic of COVID-19.

Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, families, employees of museums, the canadian prime minister has not dampened its desire to ensure that almost all groups of society are supported.

In the past month, eight new programs were added and the total bill has increased $13.4 billion.

According to a compilation carried out by our Bureau of investigation, the Trudeau government has launched up to now 67 programs using different, for a total cost of 167,4 G$. It is an effort that is virtually unprecedented in the history of Canada.

Result : Ottawa vogue this year to a deficit huge, now estimated at 256 G$ by the parliamentary budget officer.

We’ll know more on the 8th of next July, when the federal minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, will conduct an economic update of the highly anticipated.

The measures of help for a month


Help urban

$75 Million

Assigned to community-based organizations to assist more than one million Aboriginal people living in urban and off-reserve, could be affected by the economic downturn.

Response in public health

285,1 M$

This is to support the public health measures required to address the COVID-19 in the reserves and First Nations communities.

Construction of 12 new shelters

44.8 Million$

These shelters are for women and aboriginal girls fleeing violence.


Incomes of Aboriginal people on the reserves


Payment of an additional amount of money to the income assistance Program on reserve, which is intended to cover the purchase of essential goods and services to individuals and families.

Extension of the Benefit of the canadian emergency (PKU)

Costs not available

The PCU has been extended to eight weeks. The maximum duration of benefits from 16 to 24 weeks. The most recent assessment of this program by the director parliamentary budget amounted to 53.4 billion $, not an extension of eight weeks.


Assistance to the provinces

14 G$

Justin Trudeau is committed to giving this money to the provinces to help boost the economy, to finance the health sector and to cover the costs of 10 days of sick leave per year as he promised to Canadians.

Military in NURSING homes

$20 Million

The costs of the transaction LASER in the CHSLD du Québec and Ontario only started filter recently. According to an estimate obtained by The Press, the bill reached $ 10 million monthly for two months.

Preserving jobs in the national museums

25.7 Million$

This sum will be used to maintain approximately 200 jobs in the seven national museums of Canada, whose activities had to be reduced.

Payment of $ 600 for persons with disabilities

Costs not disclosed

A single payment is non-taxable up to $ 600 has been paid to persons with disabilities to help them to cope with the effects of the pandemic.

Permanent increase of family allowances

Costs not disclosed

In April, Justin Trudeau had announced a single additional payment of $ 300 per child Allocation canadian children. At the end of may, it has come back offering this time, a permanent increase up to $ 126 per year per child.

Sources : statements by the prime minister Justin Trudeau, the documents of the parliamentary budget officer and a canadian government website

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