Justin Trudeau kneels during an anti-racist demonstration

Justin Trudeau s'agenouille lors d'une manifestation antiraciste

OTTAWA-The prime minister, Justin Trudeau was a guest Friday at a demonstration outside the Parliament in Ottawa to denounce the racism.

“Today is a new day”, I was able to hear the liberal leader arrested during the talks. “Can you hear us? […] Enough, it was yesterday. Today, we want to change. We want to change now,” quipped one of the organizers.

Accompanied by ministers, such as those of the Family, Ahmed Hussen, Mr. Trudeau has listened to the speech and also made the gesture of a pose one knee on the ground for about eight minutes as the other participants in the event.

The thousands of people who were present were required to take part in a peaceful march also to denounce the death of George Floyd, which occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Several police officers involved must answer to justice. This is the case of the officer Derek Chauvin, fired and charged for second-degree murder, and three of his colleagues.

This tragic death has triggered a wave of protest across the United States, but also in Canada.

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