Juventus for € 100 sells one t-shirt of Cristiano Ronaldo at the minute

«Ювентус» за 100 евро продает по одной футболке Криштиану Роналду в минуту

The champion of Italy of last seven seasons Juventus after announcing the transfer of striker “real” Cristiano Ronaldo has dramatically increased sales of equipment. On average, one t-shirt cost 100 Euro with the name of the owner of “Golden ball” sold for… one minute. The club expect to sell about a million t-shirts with a surname of Portuguese.

As you know, for crossing the 33-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus paid 112 million euros. A hundred million of them will get the Madrid Grand, 5 million will be distributed among the clubs for which he played from 12 to 23 years (“Nacional”, “sporting” and “Manchester United”). Another 7 million Euro this is the cost associated with processing the transaction.

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By the way, the transfer of the Portuguese the fifth most expensive in the history of football. Expensive buying only Neymar (PSG Barcelona for 222 million euros), Kilian Mbappe (PSG but Monaco have 180 million), Felipe Coutinho (Barcelona from Liverpool for 125 million) and Ousmane Dembele (“Barcelona” Borussia Dortmund is 115 million).

As for the salaries of Cristiano Ronaldo in Juve, it will be 30 million euros per year, 2.5 million per month, 625 thousand in a week, 89 of 285, 3 720 — 62,39 — minute and 1.03 Euro per second.

workers of FIAT.

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