Kaamelott – First part : Alexandre Astier, unveils magnificent teaser of the film

Kaamelott - Premier Volet : Alexandre Astier dévoile un magnifique teaser du film

Kaamelott – First part : Alexandre Astier, unveils magnificent teaser of the film and a big surprise

Alexandre Astier is a generous man. In this Wednesday 22nd January, the developer has just announced a big news about the film Kaamelott – First Pane, and reveal… his first teaser, waiting for the future trailer !

Patience is a dish that is eaten without sauce,” says Perceval. So, in order to thank the public for his loyalty for so many years – the end of the series Kaamelott goes as far back as at October 31, 2009, Alexandre Astier has used his Twitter account to reveal two nice surprises on the first film to come of his future trilogy, adapted from the cult comedy.

Kaamelott movie, first images revealed

The first ? Against all odds, the film – which will serve as a follow-up to the season 6, do will land more on the 14th of October next at the cinema, but will be advanced in time. According to the filmmaker, and cult performer of King Arthur, Kaamelottwill be released two and a half months earlier than planned.” Result, get out your calendar and make a note : it is the 29th of July 2020 , that Perceval, Karadoc & Co. will make their grand return.

The second surprise ? It is even more exciting, since this is a first teaser. And you can find below, Alexandre Astier seems to have beautifully taken advantage of these numerous years of preparation, we offer the best episode possible. Between the scenery sublime, of amazing shots, a staged ambitious, and the promise of many guest-stars (Alain Chabat, Sting…), Kaamelott First Pane looks like a real gem !

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