Kaamelott to the movies : an “ambitious film”, ” characters to separate… first revelations

Kaamelott au cinéma : un "film ambitieux", des personnages séparés... premières révélations

Kaamelott to the movies : an “ambitious film”, ” characters to separate… first revelations

This is one of the movies most anticipated for the year 2020 : it is the 29th of July, Kaamelott – First part will be released in the cinema. And in the meantime a new trailer, Lionnel Astier (Léodagan) has enjoyed a recent interview to reveal some information.

After the release of a first trailer, information about Kaamelott – First aspect, the first film of a trilogy film which is a follow up to the cult series of M6, are finally beginning to fall. And this time, it is Lionnel Astier – father of Alexandre Astier and interpreter of Léodagan, that must be these new revelations.

Of the characters separated

Guest of the show 10h12h Media of Sud Radio, the actor in a first time revealed that the first film Kaamelott will not be worn by “all characters” and that there was not even shot with the entire cast : “I turned in Carmélide. All the world was not in Carmélide, so I haven’t shot with all the world.

A revelation, far from being anecdotal, as it makes us understand that this first film should primarily be used to establish the stakes for the sequel. In other words, don’t expect to see Arthur confront Lancelot as early as this summer, the reunion between the two characters may take time to see the light of day.

An ambitious film

A disappointment ? Perhaps, but Lionnel Astier was then assured him, his son knows exactly what he’s doing. In addition to remember, “from 2004, when the series began, this film was already planned“, the interpreter of Léodagan has promised that the result on the screen will reward the waiting fans, “It was hard [to mount it], because it is ambitious as a film. I heard during a meal the following expression : ‘This is a national film with international efforts.’

Moreover, in speaking of international, Lionnel Astier is also income on the appearance of the singer “Sting” to the screen. And if he was able to share scenes with him, this does not prevent it from being under the spell of his performance : “I think it is fun to do it, with a French unlikely. He did a word-for-word, but I think it was extraordinary. (…) It is very funny and I have seen other small snippets of what he has done and he is very well.”

Appointment on the 29th of July to discover Kaamelott – First part in the cinema.

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