Kaaris has FINALLY signed the contract for the octagon against Booba !

Kaaris a ENFIN signé le contrat de l'octogone contre Booba !

Kaaris has FINALLY signed the contract for the octagon against Booba !

FINALLY ! After months and months of teasing, disagreements and clashes via social networks interposed, Kaaris has finally signed on Friday 12 April 2019 the contract of the octagon who oppose Booba ! The rapper from Sevran has at the same time announced the date of the fight…

Since their brawl at the Orly airport on the 1st of August, Booba and Kaaris do not cease to maintain the buzz around their rivalry. In December, the two rappers were even go to a octagon for a real MMA fight, which it was well believed that he was never going to happen. For months, the two enemies have not been able to agree on the terms of their fight. Will there be place in Tunisia or in Geneva ? For 20K or more ? At the end of march, it was thought the same that the struggle was finally abandoned, because they have not managed to agree.

Date unveiled

And then, this Friday, 12 April 2019, o miracle : Kaaris has finally signed the contract, sent by the Duke of Boulogne ! To mark this historic moment, the rapper from Sevran was even filmed signing, before sharing the video on Instagram. “I signed !! #décembre2019💀🥊 #okou#gnakouri #touslescoupsserontpermis☝🏿#lareglecestquilnyapasderegles🖕🏿”he writes. After several days of reflection, he appears to have finally accepted the last offer of the promoter switzerland CHS, which is expected to offer € 1.5 million to the winner and 500 000 to the loser. We’ll see you next December in Geneva… hoping that none of the two fighters do not change their opinion until then !


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