Kaaris war with Booba : artists refuse to collaborate with him ❌

Kaaris war with Booba : artists refuse to collaborate with him, the rapper speaks at 10:29

For several months now, Booba and Kaaris invade the social networks with their history of octagon, scheduled for December 2019… without necessarily thinking about the consequences. For example, some artists are now refusing to collaborate with the rapper from Sevran, because of its guéguerre with the Duke of Boulogne. Ouch !

Miracles do exist ! This is not a joke, we assure you. Look, Booba and Kaaris have finally managed to find a common ground for their octagon, which we hear about almost every day since the month of last December. It was a long journey, but the contracts are now signed and the date set : go to Geneva (Switzerland) in December 2019 to the Paris act II. It was very close to not believing anymore. However, all the fighting and insults were worth-they really kick ?

“The goal was to isolate me”

But Kaaris and Booba have it appear that they forgot to get out of their bubble. Result ? Some artists are now refusing to collaborate with the interpreter of “Hustler” because of all this history with the Duke of Boulogne. Even if “private“, the rapper from Sevran gets along well with them, they do not prefer to be associated with it in the workplace, as he explained in an interview with Click TV : “This is on purpose. It’s like putting my music in the background in front of the octagon.

Kaaris balance then the attentions of the author of the “Little Girl” : “The goal was to isolate me, to make sure that I am alone and that I may not be able to rap with people. Anyway, I know that he listens to my music, scred, so I am crazy and even if he does not listen, this is not serious. Everyone does what he has to do. You can’t blame anyone.” No hard feelings, then 😉


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