Kalash in the interview : “With Damso, we could release a joint album”

Kalash in interview

Kalash released his new album “Diamond Rock”. For PRBK, the artist responds to questions about the controversies, the lack of female rappers in France, his feats with Damso, or even racism, the success of Aya Nakamura and politicians.

Kalash has just released her new album, “Diamond Rock”, where we find JTC and Pralineh with Damso, but also of the feats. with Kalash Criminal (“Controversy”) or Gucci Mane. Its title is a tribute to the rock of the diamond in Martinique : “When we pondered the name of the album and that it was finalizing, it was right in front of the rock. We go there often. It is a beautiful name, and it is a beautiful rock. This has become my favorite place. I’ve done the majority of the sounds there, it gave me a different vibe in the inspiration”. The interpreter of Mada is also said to regret “a lot,” his life before : “It is again to live as before. It has more capacity but the same team. When I’m in Martinique, instead of taking a suite, it is in a villa and there is a pack (…) It reminds us of good times when we thought we were the most to be pitied”.

“We have a problem with women in urban music”

If he is famous today, and even more since the hit, “Mwaka Moon” with Damso, Kalash is sometimes found at the centre of controversy, as the clash with Booba : “What is disturbing, what will the media of the little information they have (…) They have the choice of wanting to go faster than the other. The first, which will give the information may be the info the less certain”. If he had known, Kalash would have even opted to “play a character” and “camouflage”, such as Sia or Kalash Criminal, to avoid the problems.

The clip “Controversy” of Kalash and Kalash Criminal

A joint album with Damso ?

In the passage, Kalash told about his relationship with Damso, with whom he has made a lot of songs… which will probably never be. “It was full of sounds that we did not rush out. If you wanted to, you could release a joint album, that is already finalised. It is a little bit like researchers, selfish, that make stuff in a lab and it’s still between them, it is the curiosity”. Sharing a feat with Ms Banks, a rapper from london, Kalash laments the lack of rap female in France : “This is peculiar to France, it is cultural. There are female rappers but they don’t have the success that guys have while they have sometimes, without any malice, less talent and merit. There are problems with the women in the urban music and the women who are successful.” In the rest of our interview (to see in our slideshow), Kalash also evokes secularism, its sounds involved, the policies, the success of Aya Nakamura or his concert at the AccorHotels Arena.

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