Kamaliya got the children to school and confessed how much he spent

The singer sent his daughters to the elite British school

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The daughter of a famous Ukrainian singer Kamaliya, Arabella and Mirabella went to the first class. The film crew of the program “Sravi way” held daughters of the artist in school.

Girls millionaire Mohammad Zahoor and Kamaliya singer this year, begin training the first class of the elite British special gymnasium at the cave. Kamaliya says that only the office spent a tidy sum.

“Well, I somewhere gave with my discount 7500 UAH. Well, you could, of course, and less fit, but I’ve picked up even a little bit with the stock. And albums, and scissors are different. Oh, I gave only different such rasmalai, notebooks, pencil boxes, no backpacks… But I got a good discount, big discount”, – says the singer.

Камалия собрала детей в школу и призналась, сколько потратила

Kamaliya with her husband and children

The star wife also said that already had time to consider all the details, even then, who’s gonna drive the girls to school.

“Usually carries a nanny with a driver. Because it is very early in the morning, at this time we are preparing already in the office. Then they cook, then to cook,” – said Kamaliya.

Note, in most schools the training will start on 2 September. However, the school year for daughters Kamaliya began in late August, so Mirabella and Arabella already spent the first day in first grade. So, the family Kamaliya first in the Ukrainian show business started a training marathon.

Earlier we wrote that the singer Kamaliya has shared a rare photo with her father.

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