Kamaliya noticeably thinner: photofact

On the published picture shows the singer posing in a black jumpsuit

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Камалия заметно похудела: фотофакт

Singer Kamaliya

Ukrainian singer Kamaliya, which touched fans post about her daughters, was much thinner. On his page in Instagram artist published a picture with Arabella and Mirabella announced the release of the new video. But that’s not what caught the attention of the subscribers, and the appearance of Kamaliya.

Also find out in the video, which Kamaliya caught in the scandal:

Wife Pakistani billionaire noticeably thinner and black jumpsuit, which captured the singer perfectly highlighted her new shape. Also next post Kamaliya became known that in her new video work took part of her daughter. What song the star had removed the clip, not yet reported.

Камалия заметно похудела: фотофакт

Kamaliya before and after weight loss

“My charms with me yesterday endured a day of shooting. Very long wanted to dedicate a song to the girls, and thought about the lullaby… But I and the team have written and made an interesting song and in the video you will see not only me and these two beauties and the other lovely ladies! Who exactly this secret until the reveal,” wrote the actress.

Earlier we wrote that the singer Kamaliya has shared a rare photo with her father.

Read the most important news in the Telegram, and also watch the interesting interview on our YouTube channel.

Камалия заметно похудела: фотофакт

Камалия заметно похудела: фотофакт

Камалия заметно похудела: фотофакт

Камалия заметно похудела: фотофакт


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