Kamaliya told about the gift of her husband for 100 thousand euros

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Камалия рассказала о подарке мужа за 100 тысяч евро

Kamaliya with her husband

Olya Polyakova shared his personal life hack, how to get a gift of dreams, Gaitan said, without any granted things is not life, Kamaliya is about the most expensive gift. Program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” learned how to please men of well-known artists.

That may choose the woman with diamonds, luxury dress and luxury cars? Singer Kamaliya said that dreamed about his own stables, and her husband Mohammad Zahoor gave her such a gift. The most expensive horse cost him 100 000 euros. However, this gift of a millionaire pales against the backdrop of the fact that Kamaliya stores for 16 years.

Камалия рассказала о подарке мужа за 100 тысяч евро

Kamaliya children

“I’m probably one of the few women who get them almost every day. When our Zahoor relationship was in its infancy, I received a postcard from him, arriving to the concert in Donetsk. Remember, I was greeted at the ramp with a big bouquet of flowers and this card” – shared memory in the air “the Wound W with Ukraine” Kamaliya.

The singer was fascinated by the fact that the signature on the card was from the hand of her future husband. Now, with this dear singer thing, she keeps DIY two five year old daughters.

Gaitan loves what I hate most women. Today, Teddy bear, tomorrow – an expensive concert dress, but the singer boasted a new ring that she likes it because she chose it herself, which she said was very unromantic. But won the heart of singer home appliances, namely, vacuum cleaner.

Камалия рассказала о подарке мужа за 100 тысяч евро


“None of the diamonds will replace this vacuum cleaner, because it allows me to do other things. I suggest to all men to give this cleaner, as this year I never touched the cloth,” shared Gaitan in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Olya Polyakova she teaches her husband that she needed to give. She also shared a personal hack, how to get a gift of their dreams.

“I’ll be honest: I’m so hard to please that my husband does not want to give me a gift. Now he gave me a fur coat. Not any of the valuable fur, but just fashionable, colored fur coat. When he gave, he hesitated, because he knew that now begins: “Oh, why do I get the coat? And it is not expensive?”. My personal life hack – jump to the ceiling from all the gifts, even if it’s a mixer!”, – talked about personal broadcast channel “Ukraine” Olya Polyakova.

Камалия рассказала о подарке мужа за 100 тысяч евро

Olya Polyakova

But from the valuable gifts from strangers “Queen of the night” categorically refuses, because sure that for this you need to answer that Olga is not ready.

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