Kamaliya told what happened abroad: even the cops left

Камалия рассказала, во что вляпалась за границей: даже копы бросили

Famous Ukrainian singer Kamaliya shared an unpleasant story that happened to her family during a holiday in Italy.

The celebrity told on the personal page in social network Instagram.

Kamaliya wrote that she and her husband planned a small vacation to Italy, because their daughters, Arabella and Mirabella, it was the Easter holidays at school. They booked an 8-day cruise on the MSC liner SeaView, however, to take a trip on the ship was not necessary. Unknown stole a backpack husband Kamaliya, Mohammad Zahoor, which had money and documents.

Камалия рассказала, во что вляпалась за границей: даже копы бросили


“We arrived in Rome on may 1 and went into the hall to meet. The driver from cruise company have not yet been. Zahoor with Arabella went to buy water, and I was left with all the things. Someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder and in broken French asked how you can go to the departure lounge. At this point, his accomplice took a backpack of Zahoor with one of the trucks (I learned this later). After a couple of minutes after that I was approached by a representative of the MSC, and there was the husband with the daughter. We were just about to push our trucks, when Zahoor discovered the loss of the backpack with all the documents”, – stated in the message Kamaliya.

The couple reported the incident to the local police, but law enforcement officers only gave them a certificate stating that the theft occurred. Kamaliya claims that they have not even arrived on the scene.

Also, the artist said that the first of may the Embassy was closed and they hardly made a temporary permit. The singer told that to get an urgent Ukrainian passport managed over 30 min. But my husband Kamaliya Zahoor and their children had three times to visit the British Embassy to obtain documents.

“Among all this bustle and confusion, we still found time to stroll through historic Rome and enjoy their fine cuisine”, – concluded the singer.

Kamaliya said that told this story to protect other tourists from such situations. The singer has advised tourists to keep the documents in different pockets and closer to the body so they could not steal.

Recall that the popular Ukrainian singer Kamaliya tried a new sexy look.

Previously “Know.news Agency” reported, the singer Kamaliya cut long hair, now she has a little caret above the shoulders. The actress changed her hair for filming of the new clip.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote, Kamaliya and her husband is a billionaire showed his luxurious mansion: dozens of servants, a private jet and a Golden samovar.


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