Kamel Belghazi (Tomorrow belongs to us) : “William is going to have a heavy secret” (Interview)

Kamel Belghazi (Demain nous appartient) : "William va avoir un lourd secret" (Interview)

Kamel Belghazi (Tomorrow belongs to us) : “William is going to have a heavy secret” (Interview)

This Wednesday, may 15, 2019, Kamel Belghazi integrates the family Tomorrow belongs to us in the skin of William Daunier, the new head of service of the hospital of Sète. On this occasion, the ex-actor research Section gave an interview to PRBK to speak on his role, his relationship with Samuel Chardeau, or couple this to replace Lorie Railing.

Purebreak : You join the family Tomorrow belongs to us. What is it that you liked reading the script ?

Kamel Belghazi : What I liked about it is the description of the character, which might happen to him. It’s someone brilliant, arrogant, who has a lot of empathy for her patients, but who does not hesitate to face the hierarchy if the need arises. What I liked, it is also the place of the story and what we could imagine to him for the result.

How were you recruited for the role of William Daunier ?

It is the casting director who called me. The chain has said yes and here they are, all simply.

Your character is quite sure of himself and arrogant. This trait of character do you look like ?

Not at all. I can be firm when he needed to be, but I am not at all arrogant. It is a character trait that I do not have the habit of playing. It was rather interesting. I have never played doctor, I am said that it could be relevant to explore this facet of the game.

We will discover some interesting things on this character

The new characters Tomorrow belongs to us often have something to hide, or a heavy secret, it is the case for you ?

Without doubt, there is no reason that it derogates from the rule. It is going to have a heavy secret finally secret. I don’t know if it can be considered heavy, but I think we will find interesting things on this character.

Upon arrival at the hospital, he has a small skirmish with Marianne Delcourt. How will evolve their relationship professional ?

In the long term, I don’t know yet as it will evolve. But when my character feels that he is right and that there is a problem, he says, and he does not hesitate to oppose the hierarchy. Besides that, he has no particular complaint against anyone, but when it is necessary to try to find a solution for the patients, it does not hesitate to work with the people with the needed skills, such as Marianne. For the moment, their relationship is full of ups and downs and maybe it will continue to be. It’s going to be friter a little because she sees him getting bossy and sure of himself, it makes him a bit of shade. It makes him afraid too. She doesn’t live it very well.

William is also an old friend of Samuel Chardeau. What was it like their friendship at the time ?

In medicine, it has a tendency to go to extremes. Suddenly, Samuel and William were very accommodating, they made the 400 blows as a whole. It was also big partiers. They were very close until my character leaves to do his internship abroad. They separated and found much later at the hospital.

William is going to help Samuel relationally

They have never kept in contact during all this time ?

This is what I asked myself, but apparently not. It should not be social networking at the time.

Their relationship serves simply to introduce William in Tomorrow belongs to us ?

This is to bring William in the series, but I think that he did not necessarily need it. It’s going to be rather close to each other, and intrigues in particular. William will be helping Samuel at resolving problems in the relationship he can have with each other.

Your character can be a disruptive element in the relationship between Leila and Samuel ?

Initially, it is going to help, but anything can happen. In any case, it does not happen with bad intentions, he is benevolent. It’s going to know soon enough, but it really is there to help Samuel relationally because it is a bit awkward.

There is no particular reason to bother to Solène Herbert (Victory)

William will detect symptoms in Victory. Should we worry for the future of the character, Solène Herbert ?

At the level of health you can worry, but for the future of the actress in the series, this is a good question. I don’t have that visibility, I have a visibility on day 15, but there is no particular reason to worry.

It’s going to be a long plot ?

It’s going to take a while, but I think it will last less than a month. For a fortnight we’ll say. It is a red wire that is going to take. It is an interesting plot and well-crafted.

The woman of your character joined the office of Sète to replace Lorie Railing. What can you tell us about it ?

I didn’t know she was going to incorporate the commissioner’s office. The couple has two daughters, one knows that it for the moment. The wife of William joined him in Sète, there is no trick in particular. This is a couple peaceful and balanced, they get along well, they have been together since 15 or 16 years old.

William is gone to stay

What actress has been chosen for this role ?

There are rumours, but I don’t know yet. She started to turn, but I have not yet shot with it.

The granddaughter of Johnny Hallyday, Emma Smet, will lead one of your girls. It is an honour for you to play with a member of the family Hallyday ?

Not more than with someone of unknown family. If it had been with Johnny himself, I would say yes, but with her little girl, there is no reason for that to be an honor. The name brings nothing. There is a name that is rather rewarding, but it can be the opposite. I am not attached to who is the granddaughter of. It is the person itself.

The pause Lorie Swearing is one year, it means that you are going to spend a year in the series, or more ?

I knew Lorie was going, but I didn’t know for what period of time. I am unable to tell you more. A year is a long time, it may take a lot of things. Hard to project. For the moment, William is left to stay with his family.

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