Kamel Chibli: “We want to make the Occitanie region a real open-air gymnasium”

Kamel Chibli: “We want to make the Occitanie region a real open-air gymnasium”

Kamel Chibli : “130 millions d'euros investis pour rénover nos installations sportives.” Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Less than 5 months before the Paris Olympics, Occitanie wants to ride the Olympic wave by welcoming a number of delegations for their preparation. The vice-president of the Region, in charge of sports, unveils an ambitious policy with the announced creation of a platform allowing the identification of all sports spaces free of access for the practice.

Occitanie land of games, what does that mean ?

This covers several aspects. This naturally involves supporting more than 1,000 regional athletes in the three Creps of Toulouse, Font-Romeu and Montpellier and in our clubs and leagues. We help 800 high-level athletes with scholarships amounting to 350 to 800 euros. There is then a promotion of our strategy for sport and sporting events in the region by supporting weakened events and bringing the organizers' club to life. Bringing numerous municipalities and communities onto this label "Terre de Jeux" participates in this. Since 2016, we have invested more than 130 million euros in the creation or renovation of sports facilities through the 'Occitanie ambition 2024' label. Today we are reaping the fruits of this with the large number of delegations who come to prepare with us. And we still hope for nice surprises with large delegations who could conclude internships with us.

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What tourism impact ?

25,000 nights counting the sports delegations alone and we will have to add the supporters and journalists who will accompany. We took care to put the Regional Tourism Committee in the loop to help the training sites make themselves known and put them in contact with potential delegations looking for internships. These Olympics are an opportunity to talk about your territory around the world. We will have the five continents with us in 2024, this is the opportunity to validate and know our region as a land of preparation, essential when there will be major events in Spain, in Italy , or on the Mediterranean contour.

What impact in terms of general public practice ?

Behind the big headliners like Martin Fourcade, Léon Marchand or Kevin Mayer, who demonstrate the attachment to our region, we have always wanted to make music ;Occitanie, a land of practice and prioritization of sport. I would like to remind you that we are the first region in terms of sporting practice and also the only one to fully finance the membership of young people in the UNSS within the framework of school sports, which has enabled us to go from 10,000 to 30,000 members. A cost of more than 500,000 euros per year. In the same spirit, our Olympic athletes go to high schools to share with students their commitment, their method of preparation and their values ​​around the Olympic heritage.

Modernized facilities must further strengthen the practice ?

Yes and not only among our citizens. We are in the process of setting up a large digital platform which will make it possible to identify all sports spaces free of access for sports practice, including for the outdoors. I want to make Occitanie a real open-air gymnasium where everyone will find what they are looking for! Such a platform would be a first in France on a regional scale.

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