Kamensky in a translucent dress on the red carpet of the award “Gold Heat-ptica”

The singer chose a total black outfit

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Каменских в полупрозрачном платье на красной дорожке премии "Золота Жар-птиця"

Nastya Kamensky

With the beginning of his solo career NK | Nastya Kamensky never ceases to amaze with its style and set fashion trends. Especially different it appears in their clips and charms bold outfits during performances. 18 April, the Ukrainian music award “Golden Firebird”. Before the concert, the artists demonstrated their incredible Luke on the red carpet.

One of the most memorable and unusual was the image NK | Nastya Kamensky. The outfit was quite streamlined: a black slinky long dress combined with massive brand glasses in the form of masks, which are absolute trend this season and have become a signature element in the image of Nastia.

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On the shoulders of singer threw a fitted leather jacket. The main focus of the image of the singer sexuality: translucent sheath dress accented the figure Nastya Kamenskih, profitable emphasizing the perfect shape. Completed the outfit of the performer of the hair in a high sleek ponytail.

Recall, Nastya Kamenskikh frankly told about the dream of his life.

In addition, Kamensky appeared at a concert in the dress “bride.”

Watch the video about how Nastya Kamensky puts photos from the Italian vacation:

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