Kangaroo attacked girls in bikinis funny video

Curious incident was on video at one of the Australian cities

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Кенгуру атаковал девушек в купальниках: забавное видео

A kangaroo attacked a girl in Australia

In the Australian city of Helensvale, Queensland, wild kangaroos galloped on photography and ran models. Video of the incident published by UPI.

Judging by the roller, the escape escaped no less than six girls in a bikini. One of them had to jump in the pool. The other two wanted to follow her, but the approach of the animal forced them to change their plans.

A second video camera filmed the models that had accumulated near the fence. At the sight of a kangaroo, one of them jumped over the fence and the other ran out through the gate. A few girls remained inside alone with marsupials. It is noted that none of them was hurt.

Recall that Australians were scared of a muscular kangaroo overgrown. Kangaroo with incredible inflated forms were seen in the Margaret river, Western Australia. Several photos appeared on the network Facebook, then viral.

Earlier we reported that Kharkiv has a couple of kangaroos Bennett and the male red kangaroo. Marsupials guests moved to the regional Park from a private zoo. Animals underwent all required procedures and now are settled in your new place.

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