Kanye West embarks on the race to the White House

Kanye West se lance dans la course à la Maison-Blanche

The rapper and producer Kanye West, who advocated in one of his songs “aim for the stars”, announced on Saturday his candidacy for the u.s. presidential election next November.

“We must now fulfill the promise of America by trusting in God, in uniting our visions and building our future. I am a candidate for the presidency of the United States! #2020VISION” tweeted Kanye West.

The entrepreneur billionaire 43-year-old, who calls in one of his songs to “aim for the stars, and like that if you fail you land on a cloud” (“reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud”) has not provided further details.

A few minutes after the announcement, the billionaire and ceo of Tesla, Elon Musk, was quick to show him his support.

The husband of the star of the tv reality show Kim Kardashian has made headlines in recent years for his psychiatric problems, his controversial comments about slavery and his support of the president republican Donald Trump, yet very unpopular in the middle of the rap.

Kanye West has met with the republican president in head-to-head in the Oval Office in 2018. Before handing over, the following year, during an interview, that its support for Trump was in fact a ploy to pay for the head of the Democrats and pave the path of his own race to the White House.

“The time will come where I will be president of the United States,” he prophesied at the time of this interview with Zane Lowe, program Beats Show 1 Apple Music.

At the end of June, Kanye West has released a new song to the strong connotations of the bible, “Wash Us In the Blood, accompanied by a clip showing images of recent protests against racism that occurred in the United States.

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